Blue Skies Skydiving, Parakai, Auckland

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Blueskies Skydiving is the best for tandem skydiving in Auckland. 

You will see the awesome rugged west coast beaches stretching all the way up to south head and beyond. Auckland city and the islands in the Pacific ocean.

We operate at Parakai Airfield 35min NorthWest of Auckland City.

BlueSkies Skydiving has been set up to give you the opportunity to experience one of life's must-do's. If this is your first experience at feeling the rush of jumping out of a perfectly good aeroplane and plummeting to the ground at 200 kph then we recommend a tandem jump with one of our highly trained instructors.

Want to learn to skydive?

We also provide accelerated freefall training (AFF), and static line courses for those who want the challenge of jumping alone.

Experienced skydivers are also welcome to come and enjoy our facilities and take to the skies with us.

We also offer a free pick up service for the travellers needing transport.

Other attractions very close to the Drop Zone include, HOT Thermal pools, Beaches, Bars, Cafe's and Shopping

Auckland Tandem Skydive

A Tandem skydive over Auckland is the ultimate way to experience the rush and excitement of jumping out of a plane. Its ideal in the way that it doesn't require hours of training. Because you will be harnessed to an experienced tandem master, all you need is a 10 min briefing. then you can enjoy the scenery of Auckland, the West coast beaches, and the islands off the East coast as the plane climbs to altitude.

  • Exit Altitudes - 7.500 ft - 13.000 ft
  • Freefall time - 20-55 seconds depending on height
  • Freefall speed - 200kph 
  • Time under parachute - 5 minutes aprox

Want to share your skydive with mates and family? then we can make a DVD of the entire experience from arriving, gearing up, the plane and scenery in flight. then the freefall capturing the expressions you never thought you would make followed by the peaceful and gentle canopy ride to the ground.

Auckland Skydiving Rates

Quoted in NZ$, Subject to Change.

The choice is yours depending on how long you want to freefall for:

  • 13,000ft Tandem - 55 seconds of freefall, $325
  • 7,500ft Tandem - 20 seconds of freefall, $275
  • DVD Option - The DVD includes ground footage, scenery from the plane, climbing out of the plane, the freefall and under the canopy. and then the landing and your comments after the jump, $120
  • Digital Photos - Aprox 80 pictures, $95
  • Combo DVD and Photos - $170
  • First jump Static line course - $395
  • Full Static Course - 25 jumps including 3 coaching jumps, $3290
  • First Stage AFF jump - $450
  • Full AFF Course - 25 jumps including 3 coaching jumps, $4165
  • Solo jump courses - Run on demand.

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