Tamaki Hikoi - Maori Guided Walks of Auckland

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Tamaki Hikoi - Maori Guided Walks of Auckland

Let us share with you a unique and cultural experience of Auckland City with Tamaki Hikoi (meaning “Auckland Walks”). Our Guided Walking Tours offer you an intimate and engaging insight to Auckland’s history at key sites of significance, with an emphasis on learning from our local Maori iwi (tribe), Ngati Whatua.

All of our Guides are of Ngati Whatua descent and will offer you a truly New Zealand and cultural perspective about the locations and history throughout your walk. So while visiting Auckland, we welcome you to take time to experience this unique indigenous activity.

Auckland Walking Tours

For hundreds of years, Maori of the local Ngati Whatua tribe have passed down, from generation to generation, tribal history and traditions. Guides from Ngati Whatua re-tell these ancient stories on the Tamaki Hikoi walking tours in Tamaki (Auckland).

Experience the cultural heart of Auckland.

During these journeys you will explore Maori culture and heritage and learn why Tamaki was so fiercely contested, how the tribe co-existed with the land, and the impact of colonization on indigenous people.

Prince Davis

Prince Davis, Tamaki Hikoi's main guide, has been a part of the Tamaki Hikoi family since it began in 2004.

Prince's ability to share his culture and connect visitors to his tribal land is unique to his own style of delivery. Prince is also a tutor of his tribal performing group Te Puru o Tamaki.

During each tour visitors will enjoy Prince's (or his colleagues' whom he has helped to train) ability to link Maori performing arts to the natural and urban environments. Their humour and wealth of knowledge has many of our visitors wishing they had more time to spend on a Tamaki Hikoi tour.

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