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Discover the beauty of New Zealand in the pure freedom of a motorhome rental.    

Experience the true independence motorhome travel gives you. Love being able to choose when to visit  the special places you want to see at a pace that suits you.  Say goodbye to being tied to someone else’s timetable.

Camping Parks:  If you want to meet the locals or mingle with fellow travellers, then staying at one of New Zealand’s excellent Camping Parks is the best way to do so.  An abundance of well-kept parks around New Zealand offer excellent facilities for campervans.  As a bonus, more often than not they are set in beautiful surroundings in convenient locations.

Love Cycling?  If you enjoy cycling then United is definitely for you. We’re the only major motorhome rental company in New Zealand  that offers bicycle racks and bicycles for hire with every model vehicle in the fleet.


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Campervans Auckland & Christchurch Enquiry Form